Your Email feedback.

Many of you send me emails about my evenings of mediumship and some of it will be presented here, with your permission first. I would like people to read how my evenings help so many, even if you do not receive a personal message on that particular evening

As it is impossible for me to relay a message to everyone during an evening, I hope that you can benefit by reading this page and sharing the experiences of others.

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show tonight in Tamworth, its the very first time that Ive seen you or any live psychic/mediumship. Ive watched them on television and visited many for private readings over the years but nothing like yours. Im Anne Bates friend and it was she who got the tickets. I havent known her for that long but we clicked immediately and if it wasnt for her I wouldnt have managed to have seen you. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening. I could have stayed all night - it was magical !!

I appreciate that Val. Thanks

“I would just like to thank you for a great evening at Littleport last night (11/08). The energy and atmosphere was amazing and the messages were so well received. I am so glad you will be coming back next year. Again thank you for a fantastic evening.

Thanks Della

“Hello Steve ,

Can I just say how much I loved your show last night ( I was the women who said she has saw hundreds of mediums . ) sorry seemed a bit cheeky just I meant that out of all the people I have seen you by far is up there with the best so a big thank you for a brill night cant wait to see you again and loved your humour been smiling since .

Thanks so much


Thanks Jackie

“I just want to say a big thank you to Steve. We came to see you at Eastbourne on Sunday. You gave us such a precise message which gave us comfort and a little bit of peace. I am the lady with the daughter who will have a successful career in music (oh and Twins). Since my uncle's tragic death two years ago my mum, myself and daughter have had some difficult times. You have helped us regain some much needed relief. Thank you and see you next year xx :)

Thanks Marisa

“Dear Steven

Thank you so much for making my first time to the church memorable. I was so lucky to have someone come through on my first visit. I will definitely be back.

Thank you

Pleased to welcome you back.

“Hello Steve,

I just wanted to say how touched me and my mum were at how amazing you were in Halifax. You had so much time for everyone and was willing to have a chat with whoever waited, you are an amazing psychic and bring such ease and emotion with your work, You made me believe in life after death more than any other physic I have seen so thank you, Kind regards Jodie p.s thank you for signing my book.

Thanks Jodie

“Good morning Steve,

We went to your evening at Bury st Edmunds. We had a great evening with myself and partner have family members waiting to come and pass messages on to us. In the break time i got you first book and signed by we which i thank you for. I have been in pain in my right arm for nearly two years i woke up this morning with no pain and feeling very up beat. Thanks again for a great night, cannot Wait for the next one to come around Barry & Haze

Thanks both

“I came to see you at the met on Sunday night. Iv got to say how much I enjoyed it and especially how good you were. Sadly I didn't get a message. But be assured we will be back to see you. Thank you so much.

Thank you Jackie

“Hi Steve

Truly amazing demo at the Hallmark Hotel, Gloucester last night. He is one of the most gifted mediums in the UK.


Appreciate your comment David

“Hi Steve

Once again thank you for a lovely evening tonight. I have seen you 5 times now, opposed to my sisters 20 plus !!! You are a lovely, kind human being and I look forward to next time, maybe one day I will hear a message. In the meantime take care xx

I hope so too. Thanks Sue

“Another amazing night at the Wombourne Civic Centre. As always, Stephen bought his all encompassing energy and gave people renewed hope that we don't die. Two sisters were given a beautiful message from their dad who's funeral hasn't even taken place. I just love talking to him and we did have something funny happen when we left. My lights were flashing on and off on my car, locking and unlocking while I just stood there and laughed. My friend also told me that her sat-nav had turned itself on in the glovebox! For me it's not about receiving a message, it's about the amazing energy an love that builds up. I always have the best sleep ever too!

Thank you for a blessed evening, Rae

Thank you Rae


Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic show at the
pavilions in Falmouth on the 8th of this month. I am the woman who's
husband had passed away 8 weeks before. I just want to say that when I
said that my husband thought you were a load of crap, I didn't mean
you personally!!! (Mediums generally!)

He thought spirit in general was a load of mumbo jumbo to use his words! Felt awful afterwards, sorry!! Sharon x

No prob Sharon, thanks.

“Hi Steve

It was the first time we had attended a physic night and went with an open mind to see what it was like etc. We saw Steven in st Anne's and we were truly blown away when our dad came through first with messages for us and for his ex wife. Everything Steven confirmed to us was so true. Truly blessed and privileged to receive messages and to be in Stevens company for the night he was such a lovely man. we will definitely be coming back next September to see him again in st Anne's.
thank you Steven again for a wonderful night. Sending love and light Michelle

Thanks Michelle

“Hi Stephen

My first time and one of your meetings at kings Lynn town hall October 13th 2016. What an amazing and eye opening night. So pleased my sister Pat (Trish) came to through to me. Wonderful. One thing you mentioned was Thursday was significant. Well when i got home it came to me twas the day she was told she had cancer and not long to live. So there, so inspired by your work through the spirits. Amazing. Will definitely come back to see you again. Take care. Tracey

Thanks Tracey

I was at The Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury last night. I bought Steve's first book and managed to have a few words with him as well. I also received a message from my late husband which was wonderful. I just wanted to say thank you to Steve and to say I will be back next year when he returns to Shrewsbury. I have always been fascinated with the thought of the spirit world and whilst being unsure about it all I am now convinced after seeing Steve. Thank you so very very much
Thanks Judy

“I have seen Steven Holbrook 6 times now in Northampton and I have had contact with the spiritual world 5 times.I feel so lucky and grateful to Steven. We have had some conversation that only I would know about. He is a very gifted man and a pleasure to talk to. A big thank you can't wait til next time and also big thanks to the team.
Thanks Danielle

“I just want to say thankyou so much for my messages last night at crewe community centre. They were 100% accurate - my mum was with me. I feel so much better after my son came through - it was our first time and it was amazing. Will love to see you again soon I'm the lady with 6 children. Thanks again come back soon
Sharon and my mum Irene”
Pleased I could help Sharon

I saw Stephen at The Shepherds inn at Carlisle several years ago and was lucky enough to be given the first message. He was without doubt the best medium I have ever seen. Are there any plans to come back to Carlisle ? Regards Patricia”
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“Hi Steve

Just to say THANK YOU once again for another unbelievable night. Can't wait for you to return. An amazing guy who gives extraordinary things.



Thanks for that Jackie. Steve

“Hi Stephen

We were at the show in Ipswich on October the 19th and thought you were absolutely amazing and really enjoyed the whole show. Please, please come to Ipswich again and we will spread the word.


Pat and Jo

Thank you both. Steve

“Wow what an amazing evening-2nd July at Oxford -I laughed and I cried but came away feeling so much warmth and comfort with the message we all had from my nan, she was such a character and it really felt she was there with us all, you have such a special way of sharing your gift with everyone. I also had a message from my step daughter, who passed at just 15. You will never know what that meant to me so i want to thank you so much for such a wonderful, funny, emotional, heartwarming evening. love Kerry xx

Pleased to be of help.

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